Project Cargo

Project Cargo Transportation

The key to transporting Project Cargo is to understand the complexities of the processes involved in moving extremely high value, time-critical, and over-weight and over-sized equipment and machinery in line with a customers requirements, including but not limited to time and cost constraints. The Project team at HST Logistics comprise of industry professionals equipped with vast experience, and well-trained in all aspects of break-Bulk and Odd-Dimensional Cargo movements by all modes of transport. From meticulous planning to clinical execution, your Project Cargo movements are guaranteed to be supervised from pick up to delivery, using the most versatile transportation equipment, with risk averse and secure processes to ensure your Project Cargo is handled with absolute care from start to finish.

This includes factoring in the tedious local transportation regulations in the respective countries. At HST Logistics , our objectives are to provide our customers with highly effective Project solutions, whilst ensuring clinical execution of all Project Cargo shipments. We also strive to apply the most cost effective processes whilst matching the complex requirements of our customers.


We understand what it means to start small and grow fast –whether you’re an emerging or blue chip company. We are committed to delivering on time, on budget and beyond your expectations. Our global hands on team have the expertise to manage your freight movements world wide. Our dedicated logistics staff act on your behalf, coordinating multi-modal transport strategies to deliver strong commercial and performance outcomes.